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Elocon ointment for pimples. Vaniqa, Danocrine & Clarinex

My face has never been this bad! Comments for Long Term Used Of Elocon Ointment. In any case it did bad things on my forehead for a short while at first, but seemingly changed it in such a way as when it healed it was in a much better state, and has stayed that way. I have fair skin. Helpmy 18 year old daughter is a freshman in college and is dealing with the worst acne she

Then I started having red rashes with a stinging sensation and it looks really ugly. But it only hydrates till I keep it applied on my skin. Many products on the market today are loaded with harsh, drying ingredients that strip the natural PH of your skin leaving it further vulnerable to the effects of sun, wind and environmental air. Do not apply Elocon over a large area of skin. Please hit thanx for me. Is there a possibility for my skin to return to normal? So any sort of oily thing will not help. The texture and dryness of my skin was driving me crazy! First i had attributed to my diet but I finally realized the little white heads and a few large pussey bumps was the result of this product. Her dermatologist put her

Can text photo of forehead. Ask a Doctor Now. Steroids may be prescribed by a physician for short term treatment for some cases of rosacea, but long term steroid use for rosacea is not a good idea. Suggest treatment for recurrent acne. This product has a number of harsh and toxic ingredients and this in turn, has a trauma like effect on the skin. We cannot guarantee results and occasional interruptions in updating may occur. I used Retino 0. Apply a thin layer to the affected area once a day. Sign in Forgot your password?